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Our story

Henderson Discount Pharmacy was originally known as Devcich Pharmacy; a store which has been serving the needs of the Henderson community since 1955. The name change came about in 2009, when it was purchased by a local pharmacist, Timea Venter. Timea quickly realised that times are constantly changing, and to keep up, the pharmacy would have to change too.

After significant renovations to the entire shop and re-branding to Henderson Discount Pharmacy, Timea decided it was time to give customers what they really wanted; value for money and a warm, caring and personalised service.

The first step was to completely drop the $3.00 prescription fee that all other pharmacies were charging at that time. This meant Henderson Discount Pharmacy customers paid nothing for fully subsidised medications. For patients with chronic conditions taking multiple medications on a daily basis, this represented a huge cost saving and they were very grateful.

While our customers loved getting their prescriptions for free, this policy also attracted some hostility and unwelcome attention. Recent funding changes have meant we now have to charge a small dispensing fee for subsidised prescription items. We currently only charge $2.00 per item.

So why don't you drop in sometime and see for yourself what value for money and great service looks and feels like?


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