Meet our team

We are very fortunate to have a great bunch of people working at Henderson Discount Pharmacy. Each team member has skills and interests that compliment the others, and we often share our knowledge with the group so we can learn from each other.

Our goal is to work together in the most effective manner, to achieve the best health outcomes for our patients. We hope to see you in-store soon!


  • Jing

    Jing is our Mandarin speaking full-time pharmacist, who is responsible for our long term conditions patients, Clozapine patients and handles all general medicines enquiries. She is also trained to do emergency contraceptive pill and Trimethoprim consultations and has a special interest in internal medicines.

    "I enjoy taking responsibility for problems that can be solved, whether it is a medicine enquiry  or something else. I like creating services and programmes to help our pharmacy stand out and attract new customers. I like helping customers with the education of their medication, personalising particular patients' preferences and enjoy all aspects of the Long Term Conditions service. My goal every day is to make a difference in the lives of my patients. If they are sad or angry, I get great satisfaction from encouraging them and seeing them happy again."


  • Ranjani

    Ranjani is our full-time pharmacist in charge. She enjoys interacting with people from different backgrounds and loves all aspects of being a pharmacist. She is fluent in both Indian and English.

    "I like to do my job ethically, with honesty and accuracy in mind. I want to go home with peace of mind knowing that I have done everything I could to finish my job to ensure every patient is getting the right medicine with the right instructions. I want to make sure that my patients have a clear understanding of their conditions and their medicines, and to do that I aim to develop a relationship based on trust. I want to better myself everyday to enable me to give advice with confidence."


  • Timea

    Timea is the owner of Henderson Discount Pharmacy as well as a pharmacist. She has a special interest in sleep problems, medicine adherence issues and oral health. She is passionate about quality service in general, her main focus is on minimising barriers to enable patients to take their medicines.

    "I get a lot of meaning from my work and I see my work as an extension to who I am rather than a job. I enjoy hearing my staff laugh and have a great satisfaction from getting feedback from my customers. I know I have done my job right when I see my team members and customers flourish and live happy and fulfilling lives. I always wanted to be a pharmacist and having my own pharmacy was one of my dreams come true. My other passion is positive psychology and over the years I have implemented a lot of strategies in my business. Doing the two together gives me a great satisfaction and lead to a fantastic environment where I enjoy working and interacting with my team and my customers. Research shows that positivity ripples in an upward spiral and I would like to be the initiator of that ripple and create wonderful outcomes."


  • EUN

    Eun is the most recent member to join our pharmacy team.

    "I am passionate about everything to do with pharmacy and health, and  enjoy engaging with the people in our community. I love my job and the daily duties of a pharmacist, such as verifying the accuracy of prescriptions, reviewing possible side effects, assigning the correct dosage, recommending the most suitable non-prescription drugs, and instructing patients how to take their medications."


  • RAE

    Rae is divided between the shop and dispensary and does most of our displays. She is compassionate and creative, and has a special interest in moisturisers and gifts.

    "Because I am a happy/ bubbly person I like to have contact with people one on one, get their problems sorted and see them happy and smiling when they walk out the door. I also like to do task oriented jobs like filing and faxed prescription matching as it gives me time to reflect and get my energy back."



    Raewyn is our part time pharmacy technician and has a special interest in first aid. She is responsible for our repeat prescription reminder service and has a passion for customer service. If you would like to sign up for our repeat prescription reminder service, please get in contact with Raewyn.

    "I get great satisfaction from doing my job well and completing all tasks to a high standard, working hard with integrity and honesty and laughing is very important to me and I try to achieve all those. I enjoy meeting our regular customers and spending some time catching up with them."



    John works in the dispensary and looks after our automated blister packing machine.

    "I find meaning in doing my job as accurately as I can and being able to help people to make it easy to get what they want. All-the-while, doing this with integrity and compassion, while learning something new every day."



    Jacqui is passionate about serving others and on giving advice about complementary medicines.

    "I see myself as a shop executive and I am here to serve everybody: my customer, my team and the shop. I aim to create a fantastic customer experience, greeting everyone with warmth and kindness, explaining prescriptions and going the extra mile with deliveries and follow-up phone calls. I enjoy doing extra things for the pharmacy team as well, from cleaning the kitchen to buying groceries and emptying the rubbish. I'm also there to give a helping hand or offer kind advice (or buy chocolate bikkies ☺)."



    Dorothy enjoys interacting with a variety of different people, loves hearing their stories and is ready to serve them with her extensive knowledge. She has great compassion for the elderly.


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